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Welcome to Divine Polytechnic

Rector Rector and Management of Divine Polytechnic welcome you to our institute of Divine Learning. We are committed to raising students who will become good leaders through hard work and dedication that will positively impact their knowledge in community development and the world at large. In Divine polytechnic we give our students the best opportunity to use their knowledge in every opportunity and critical thinking and practical skills to make their communities good / better places in which to live, practically examine issues facing our society through open civil discourse, prepare themselves to become socially responsible individuals who contribute to the betterment of society. We cause our students to appreciate and to cultivate diversity, and to value differences; participate in activities such as artistic and cultural programs, social and residential life activities, and intercollegiate/intramural athletic teams. Divine Polytechnic is a place to be as a student who aspires to achieve his or her desired gold in this modern computer age. --Rector

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